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Our Latest Work

On-Screen Evaluation System

We have developed our own indigenous platform for evaluating subjective examination in an automated manner.

Digital Security

We have the solution for end to end encryption. Confidentiality is the utmost importance for all our customers.

Computer Based Entrance Test

Provides the solution for paper less examinations. Examinations as entrance, recruitment, mock tests, etc.

OMR Solutions

The technology gives the benefit of collecting large volume of data from large number of sources simultaneously. Used for read multiple choice examinations, recruitment process and many more.

OMR Checker

Solution for quick and accurate result making from collected data through OMR Software. Helpful in preparing results through this secured software in specified time.

Mock Tests

Provides solution for preparing candidates before online exams for all type of competitive exams before main exam. Customized exams and get instant results on candidate own dashboard.

Question Bank

We have the huge collection of questions for all types of competitive exams, mock tests includes objective, subjective, diagrammatic, etc. questions.

Biometric Attendence

Tracking of employees, students, etc is done through this Solution. Attendence for examinees is done at a central location which reduces the work of invigilators.

Exam Copy

Manufacturing quality based thread/pin stitched exam copy with printed student credentials, watermark and highly secured feature such as 2D/3D Barcode, QR Code, etc.