B R Computers is a privately owned reputed and registered firm since 17 years. It is MSME certified organization. It has been working with many reputed Government Organizations, Institutions, Universities, Boards, etc. BRC brings cost reductions, performance improvements along with updated technology method of working, tailored to each client. Our services include OMR Scanning, data entry, data processing, digitalization, online recruitment, online examination systems, onscreen examination etc. We provide an immediate access to a highly educated, well trained, fully skilled and reliable workforce who delivers international standards services. It has also performed many confidential Examinations/assignments successfully. BRC has the capability for conversion of paper based organization to paper less organization.


B.R. Computers takes various projects which are either of large scale or technically complicated in nature and delivers them within the defined timelines of our customer, thus clearing the backlog and bringing customers online with their business. The projects are done both onsite and offsite.


  • Well trained software developers and website designers
  • Provides exclusive and highly accurate Data Entry and processing services
  • Highly-skilled employees with a minimum graduate qualification
  • Structured quality processes for performance improvement
  • Customized daily reports and analysis of performance according to the customer's needs
  • Full-time employees, resulting in consistent quality improvements

Our solutions and services put your information to work by delivering the right content to the right users at the right time. BRC customers accelerate their time-to-market, increase customer satisfaction, enhance supply chain efficiencies and reduce operating costs improving their overall competitive advantage.

In dealing with clients, we believe in being as straightforward and transparent as possible. We would rather be realistic and loose some clients, than begin making impractical promises. In the end, we believe our honest approach leads to better business for everyone involved.

We've been working with global customers for over 17 years. Our continued success is dependent on their happiness with our work. Our "customer driven" approach has provided us with a stable and sustainable business model.

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