Digital Marking (Onscreen Marking or Onscreen Copy Checking)

Digital Marking for theoretical Examination Response is powerful software that has been developed by our development team for years. Through this, the subjective copy can be obtained from the institute sitting away from the institute without any physical copy, and marking it with scanned images. It saves both time and money and also does not require separate data entry. At any time, if required, such as RTI etc., copies can be made available instantly. There is no possible manipulation in it because of being secure. If required, the checked copies can be made available at any time to the student. The copy can be re-evaluated by the other examiner by covering the old scores. It can be preserved for a long time.

Currently, unavailability of specialist at nearest location as required number of professor or specialist teacher who can evaluate examination copy, to overcome this problem we have a solution which is “On- Screen Evaluation”. Onscreen Evaluation System provides facility to evaluate copy on computers screen easily & fully secure from any location.

Why you opt for On-Screen Evaluation?

How On-Screen Evaluation is done?

  • Collection of Physical Answer Sheets at Central Location.
  • Scan each & every page of Answer sheet to convert it into digital.
  • On the Login-id of examiner the digital copy of related subject is provide for evaluation.
  • By our specialized software the examiner will evaluate copy & obtain the marks in digital format. Software will convert it into direct result format.

Benefits of On-Screen Evaluation:

  • 100% Accuracy
  • Prevents mistakes of Data- Entry.
  • Easily converts data into digital format.
  • Eliminates manual searches.
  • Deliver information at any time.
  • Data to the right person at the right time.

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