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Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) systems are used to capture information by digitally scanning documents filled out by hand. Early days OMR technology include paper tape used with telegraphs and punch cards. OMR has evolved into specialized image scanners coupled with software programs that recognize penciled-in bubbles or other marks on standardized forms. OMR is used to process documents such as exams, surveys and checklists and provides several advantages over manual data collection.


  • Speed 

    OMR technology scans the documents with speed. Previously, trained individuals read visually and analyze efficiently before enter markings on computer by inputting text. This slows down the process of results.

  • Reduce Manpower and time

    spend on input the marked bubbles

  • Accuracy

    While inputting the marked bubbles, chances of duplicity, wrong data enter, skip one line, transposing due to operator fatigue. OMR Software collect data from marked bubbles accurately.

  • OMR technology significantly reduces the overall cost of processing the documents.

Designing & Printing (Supply of OMR and Answer Sheets)

BRC has own printing press with imported machines including multi-color/single color equipped with highly skilled operators to handle huge volume of jobs. Supply of OMR Sheets, Answer Booklets, Mark sheets, Degrees, Certificates, and other types of secured stationery. BRC provides stitched answer booklet with dynamic data printed with security features (like barcode, QR Code, etc.) on the front page of each booklet so that examinees need not to fill their Roll nos., Enrolment nos., Name of Examinee, Course, Paper code/name, etc. Answer Booklets and other stationery have other security features such as watermarks, etc.

OMR Scanning

B.R. Computers provides double scanning method for OMR Registration Forms, OMR Application Forms, OMR Answer Sheets, OMR Election Sheets and other types of OMR forms. Scan approx. 15,000 OMR Sheets per day using high speed with accuracy OMR Scanner.

OMR Processing



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